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What to do when Play Store does not work

If you are from the group of those who have ever experienced problems with Google Play Store, then this article is for you. The application has been blocked, it has stopped or you may have received an error message when downloading applications. The conflicts are several and all equally annoying, but there are some tips you can follow when Google Play does not work.

Most common problems with Google Play Store

If the application has failed you again and again, you should try each of these solutions in order to make the same functions:

Delete the Google Play Store Cache

In most cases you only need to empty the cache of the Google Play Store application. This is a storage area that temporarily contains files and data to be recovered quickly without having to download them again from the internet, such as images of your applications and other configuration data.

To empty it you just have to go to Settings> Applications> Google Play Store. Once inside the information of the application, in Android 5.1.1 and below, you will find a button where it says ‘Clear Cache’. As of Android 6.0 we have to go a step further and enter ‘Memory’ and here we will find the button for ‘Clear memory cache’. This could help your Google Play run like the first day.

Clear Google Play data

If the first step did not work, you can try to delete the Play Store data. It is exactly the same route as before, but instead of ‘Clear cache’ you will have to press ‘Clear data’. With this option you will delete all the configuration information that had been saved in the application.

Uninstall Google Play updates

This trick can also help. Sometimes an update can make the Google Play Store out of control, so it makes sense to uninstall the updates. It is achieved by entering ‘Settings’ and as before in ‘Applications’ search for Google Play.

By pressing the Menu option (three horizontal stripes at the bottom of the screen) we will see the option of ‘Uninstall updates’. This will make the application go back to the original version, that is, the one that was installed for the first time on your smartphone. The services of Google may not work well with the old version and we should update anyway.

Activate Download Manager

If you have disabled the Download Manager, the Google Play Store will no longer work. To recover it go to Settings> Applications and look for the application called ‘Downloads’. Enter the information of the application and then click on ‘Enable’. If this button only gives you the option to ‘Disable’ do not worry, it means that the download manager is still active.

Delete your Google account and re-register it

We open the settings of your smartphone, but this time we go to Accounts, choose the Google option and select the account you use for Google Play. Press the Delete Account button. Confirm your selection and restart your smartphone. Once it has been fully powered on, reset your Google account. Go back to Settings> Accounts> Add account> Google, and enter your data.