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Steps to download Play Store for Tablet

Do you have a Tablet and when you realized you do not have Google Play Store? Do not worry about it that there is a solution for everything and this problem also has its solution. In this opportunity, we will explain how to download Google Play Store on your Android Tablet.

Nowadays, apart from the big brands of tablet and mobile manufacturers, there is a lot of competition from Chinese brands that manufacture devices of very good quality and with amazing features but at much lower prices. These producers of Chinese tablets do everything they can to further lower the manufacturing costs of their devices.

One of the most common ways to make a Tablet even cheaper than what you can get in the market is not buying the license that allows you to install applications of the Google brand. That is why Chinese tablets most of the time do not come with Google Play Store so we need to find it by our own.

So to make the costs lower they offer their products without Play Store and you will get elsewhere.

Download Play Store in your tablet in some simple steps

If your Tablet does not have Google Play, you have nothing to worry about. The aim of this article is to be able to teach you in the simplest way possible everything you need to do to enjoy the Play Store on your tablet. That is why we give you these simple steps that if you follow them exactly as we explained you will enjoy successfully your Google Play Store and all its combo of applications.

Seek for the Google Play Store APK file. The APK is the other way to install any product or program you need for Android which means that as soon as you download it and open it, an installation program will automatically run. It is better that you make the APK download in your tablet to make easier the steps. You can find different ways to make your download, in your PC or your SD card the thing is to have the APK.

Of course, before opening the file that you just downloaded, you must give your terminal permission to open the file. To do this, go to Settings -> Security and activate the option that says: “Allow installation of applications from unknown sources”.

Finally, from your tablet open the APK file that we have downloaded in the first step and follow the different steps of the installation.

Having completed all these steps you are ready, you have managed to install Google Play Store on your tablet. Now you just have to enjoy the application and start navigating through the endless categories it offers you. If you have any doubt or problem at the time of downloading or installing the Play Store, leave us a comment just below this tutorial and we will help you as soon as possible. I hope you have helped, a greeting!