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Solution to the most common problems in the Google Play Store

Probably you are one of those lucky ones who have never suffered any kind of problem in the Google app store, but if you have come this far we doubt that you were so lucky.

It is not uncommon for Google Play Store to stop working right away, but fortunately, we can solve any error following a series of activities that we find when downloading games or Android applications.

Before looking for a solution, it is necessary to differentiate problems of Google Play Store from problems of Play Services, because as they say the descriptions of the company, this last component provides main functions, such as authentication for Google services, synchronized contacts, access to the latest user privacy settings, as well as services that allow us to improve our experience with the applications that we download from the Play Store.

Solution to Play Services problems

Once detected if the failure of your mobile affects the services of Google or the store, you can solve the most common failures of the Play Store.

Fixing Google Play Store

There are several reasons why the store may fail and that represents a problem when we are needing the apps quickly. If you interrupt the download or the app, it could not be executed correctly or opened. Quiet, most likely there is a fairly simple solution to fix it.

Check the connection to Internet

As many functions in our smartphones, the Google Play Store need Internet in order to act, and it sounds obvious many people don’t realize that fact.

Clean cache and data 

Reset of Android if you can see your Apps but they do not work. To do this, simply open the mobile settings and, within the applications menu, locate the Google Play Store in alphabetical order of all the apps installed on the phone.

Now you simply have to start the application again, which will start clean zero of possible errors that have been hidden in the store over time. This solution to the problems of Google Play Store also usually fix errors when downloading some type of app.

Download Manager and Google Services

The cache and data may not be used to fix the Google Play Store problems, but we can always repeat the process in the Android download manager to release any brake that is tying our application downloads. To do this, access the Applications and notifications menu of the Smartphone settings and click on all the applications. Next, click on the three points that appear at the bottom of the screen and select “Show system apps. Select the download manager and, within the storage settings, delete the data and the cache.

Repeat this same process for Google Play services. Open the Play Store and try the download that is giving you problems to see if it works correctly again. You may have to wait a few minutes to try and turn the Smartphone off and on.