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Reasons why you can remove Google Play Store

Google must have a strong hand with the applications of the Play Store. It cannot be that from time to time we have to give news such as the browser removed by sending data to China, apps removed by displaying advertising or pre-installed weather applications with strange behavior in the background.

The malware is everywhere and although Google Play is a safe store, it seems that we have resigned ourselves to every so often sneaking some that can cause problems to millions of users.

In everyday life is not a problem if you are informed, but if you download the first call your attention as often happens, then you must take action on the matter.

We already explained how to return a purchased application and how you can protect your Android, now let’s review what are the reasons that lead Google to eliminate an application from the Play Store.

Basic reasons and prohibited applications on Google Play

We already know everything that applications are prohibited from doing in the Google Play Store. Most conditions are very obvious and logically still remain valid. However over the years Google has been tightening its policies, adding new rules as new problems arise.

The Play Store does not accept applications with explicit sexual content, violence, insulting content, incitement to hatred or that supplant other identities. Nor applications that sell medicines that require medical prescription or promote illegal activities.

Nor are apps that contain malicious software, viruses, Trojans or spyware logically accepted. In fact, you cannot promote the activation of unknown sources, an option reserved only for APKs outside the Play Store.

Finally on Google Play you cannot encourage, encourage or deceive users to remove other apps or disable them. This is a tricky issue since security apps are an exception, but many apps have been eliminated by trying to pass over their competition.

Intellectual property policy hardens

For some years Google has had a powerful ecosystem for renting songs and movies. At the same time, intellectual property policies have been hardening. In 2015 we already mentioned that it was one of the new reasons for Google to eliminate your app, as was the case with Popcorn Time and similar download or streaming apps.

When the revision was made, all the download applications were eliminated. But it can also be eliminated simply by including a cover of a movie or some screenshot. There is a lot of sensitivity of the big companies in this section and a war of licenses where Google besides participating, wants to have everyone happy.

Micro payments should be through Google Play

In the end, everything is a business. Google offers a payment system through its services and takes a commission. However, many applications want to leave this ecosystem and create their own. Here Google has a long fight but in the end all purchases and gifts must be integrated with Google payment methods. It is not useful, for example, to redirect purchases to another service to obtain affiliate commissions.

Nor is the sending of SMS or automatic mails allowed without the user’s permission. These two prohibitions are related since an application can be easily redirected to any place on the Internet, but Google prevents the apps from leaving Google Play. To solve this, virtual currencies are created within the application. It is the case of Amazon that as you want to use their payment services, you can not download directly from Google Play, or Fortnite, which can only be downloaded from the Epic Games website.