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News that will reach Play Store

Play Store is one of the most used platforms to download the apps that we like the most. But sometimes we cannot see which version it is in. Many devices are updated automatically but for sure we do not know if it is in the latest version.

The Play Store app has just been updated and you cannot miss all the news that we are absolutely convince that you will enjoy a lot. Especially, when we have new toys to use, as in this case.

In this article we will talk about every advance you will enjoy using the newest version of Play Store available for Android.

What’s new in Play Store 

Before us we have a new version of the Play Store on Android that has no waste. We found interesting news. And although at first these features are not visible, since Android Police have found them in the APK.


Since 2012 the app store offers all kinds of books, apps and games freely or paying. But in the next months we could find the audio books. You will know as any update in Play Store we will find payment and free variants. But this point isn’t something new to deal with, you just have to be very attentive.

New apps and notifications

We would have a new section of Notifications for apps and games in the Play Store. you will find this part in the toolbar, indicating the unread notifications. 

Automatic update of the system app

We would be faced with an option that would provide automatic updates for system applications. So users would no longer have to manually verify each app they update. And so they could do everything directly from the Play Store. Easier and faster

The end of Wifi alerts

Google could also eliminate the warning function of downloads via mobile data. It is clear that until now we had a reminder saying that we were on mobile data. Even so, it allowed us to continue with the download. We do not know why they will do it, but we will see it soon.

Loyalty program for the new Play Store update

If you are one of the millions of users who monthly leave part of the salary in the Android application store, Google has prepared a loyalty program to thank you for your time and investment.

Play Store plans to offer rewards and points to customers so they can get prizes such as apps or exclusive content.

The Play Store code advances future Google Play Points suggesting that you will earn points with each purchase you make in the Google store app. These points and rewards can be spent on special items of a certain application or credit for Google Play Store, with which you can buy any type of app or game for Android.

It is not yet clear how the Play Store loyalty system works or how you can accumulate these Play Points in your Google account, but you can expect them to be purchased by buying apps, music, movies, TV shows and books.