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How to download the APK from the Google Play Store safely

Play Store is commonly pre-installed in every android people buy and it has its official store let you download the apps you want. But for several reasons, in the world exists some electronic devises that don’t have Google Play install and what they don’t know is that Play tore is the base to have the important applications that you like.

Google Play is a very good reason to have a certified mobile or tablet. Not all of them bring the serial store: it depends on which mobile phone you buy, and especially where. The first products who present this problem are Chinese products. All because they try to make the costs of the devises lower.

You can download the APK from the Google Play Store. Sometimes when you make this, the system runs to the latest version. Of course is a way but sometimes it didn’t work as people want, but it will help you a lot.

Places to download Google Play Store latest version APK

You have to think about the fact of having the product is not only the important part. The security is very important. And approve for thousands of users the most recommended sites are: Uptodown and Apk Mirror.

Both, has the latest version, so you can install it without complications. In any way you install the product, you need to understand that:

  • Activate the box that calls “Unknown origins” and in this part you will find the way to downloading with permission of your Android.
  • Access UptoDown or Apk Mirror and choose the APK of the Google Play Store of your choice.
  • Download it from your mobile and, once it is down, proceed to execute it.

This way guarantee you secure your devise and also to make it updated. There is no reason to do it manually, because its advance system let update itself without you noticing, all for you needs. And of course many people will recommend you to never take the APK of other sites because it can damage your phone. You usually cannot run it if it does not have the signature of Google, but any precaution is small.

Can I download Google Play Store on my mobile?

When we talk about this topic we enter a more complicated terrain because it is not enough to download the Google Play Store Apk to magically have the store, it is necessary that the Google services are found in the system and that all these apps have administrative access .

For this situation it is best that you flash an international ROM to adapt MIUI to your usual use, with an application store included. It depends on the cell phone you bought, but the process is always the same: find the international ROM of your device and install it with the tools that the brand has.

With all of this, you will have your Google Play in the last version and you will enjoy of all the games and apps you want.