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How to download Play Store for Windows

We are all always looking for ways to have Google Play Store on our mobile devices, but there are some who even want to have this platform on their Windows computers. But downloading Google Play Store on Windows is extremely easy.

If you want to download in a safely way Google Play Store on Windows you will need ‘Real APK Leecher’. This program to download Play Store in Windows has its base in Java, and it let window to connect online the Google Play Store.

Google account will require all your information and the device ID of your phone in the options in order to make a correct function. Then you can download the Play Store without any problem.

You also have to set a file where you have deposited all the applications you have involved so that they can be scanned and verified for any update. You need to know that your application and updates have to download it to a folder.

Get your device ID in Play Store for your Windows

After you download the APK utility, you have to set the archived ZIP file and the contacts to a folder on the desktop. Then you have to open the file ‘Real APK Leecher.exe’ and then run it.

You will start the configuration option in cause of being the first time you download the utility. The correct email, password of the email account and the device ID will assure you not to present errors in the download.

How you can download Google Play for Windows

Firstable you have to do is set the download location. If you make a mistake in the configuration, especially with the email address, password and the ID device, the complete utility will not work, so it will mark an error when you access to your account.

Now that the utility has started, you can search for the application using the name of the breadwinner, the custom name in the search bar or instead of those the name of the package. Depending on the choice you made before, the number of applications searched will be displayed in the window below. To download the application, you must simply click on it once to highlight the complete field, and then you must click on the line and select the Play Store download option for windows.

The applications searched for will have both paid and free functions, but only free versions can be downloaded. If the application is a paid version, you will not be able to download it, since there are no payment options through this utility.

You can click on the Google Play link to go to the Play Store and make the necessary payments there. If you have already paid for the previous application, then you can download the application without this extra step. With all this you will have the option to enjoy the Google Play Store on your Windows and everything safely and legally. Many times people opt for dark steps that in the end can cause problems in the system.