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Automatic video playback in Google Play Store

Google is integrating a large number of changes in its main applications in order to continue maintaining the success of tools that are becoming more complete. In this case we talk about Google Play and the possibility of playing videos automatically. Undoubtedly, one of the changes that had been talking about lately in the Play Store and is already officially arriving at some terminals.

Autoplay has been one of the aspects in which Google has most fixed when integrating changes in its applications. We talked about a functionality that already arrived on YouTube a few weeks ago but that hasn’t finished convincing users. Therefore, Google Play has integrated it with the ability to disable it at any time.

Google Play includes automatic video playback and a button to disable it

Google Play is shown to the world as the most outstanding online store of today for all those interested in downloading applications. The importance of this tool is crucial for all users who want to customize their tasks properly, so Google wants to be as up-to-date as possible. This time we talk about some news that have to do with the automatic playback of the videos that appear in the app.

Android Police has revealed some new screenshots in which you can see the first details of a functionality with which Google wants to show the maximum information about its applications. In this way, every time we consult the information of an application, the mechanism of self-reproduction of the videos will be launched. An aspect that very soon we can see on the initial screen of the online store. Of course, there will also be an option with which users can choose to play only functional when the device is connected to a WiFi network.

At the moment, the Mountain View Company has not confirmed when this new functionality will be made official in the online store. What is clear is that Google wants to continue renovating the Play Store in search of the best user experience.